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Boozy Macarons (A Spark of Madness)

Boozy Macarons (A Spark of Madness)

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A Spark of Madness and Baking Maniac have teamed up to offer a unique and indulgent treat for Mother's Day. Introducing a box of 12pcs alcoholic macaroons made with Spark Jams and Spark Crack Sauce cookies!

These delectable macaroons are infused with the three signature flavours of Spark Jams. Spark Jams are alcoholic jams infused with spices and herbs. 

Pink Macaroons with Spark Peach Jam filling with Tequila |  Jalapeño | Hibiscus and the shell is dusted with hibiscus 

Purple Macaroon with Spark Pineapple Jam filling with Whisky | Togarashi | Thyme and chocolate

Orange Macaroons with Spark Pink Guava Jam Filling with Gin | Bird’s Eye Chili | Ginger and the shell is dusted with chili flakes. 

Each macaroon is handcrafted and made with the highest-quality ingredients, but with ‘a spark of madness’, by adding a boozy twist to the classic French confection.

Packaging: 12 macarons