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WTF Brownie

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The Walnut, Tahini, Fudge Brownie, aka The WTF Brownie is a heathy treat conceived by holistic health coach Mayuri of MyEurekaLife. The guilt-free brownies do not compromise on flavour or consistency and are:

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian (contains eggs)
  • Dairy Free
  • Sugar Free

Die hard chocolate lovers looking for a sinless, decadent alternative will surely be satisfied by the rich flavour and succulent, fudge-like quality of the WTF (Walnut, Tahini, Fudge) Brownies. 

Each ingredient plays an important role, in the amalgamation of the brownie and individually; not solely in terms of its organic quality, but also in regards to nutritional value. The brownies use dates, a nutritionally dense alternative, to build sweetness. Moreover, uses ghee instead of vegetable oil, nuts as a flour replacement, and tahini, which serves as a source of healthy fats. Every bite leaves you with a swear-by sensation; not overly sweet, not overly dense - it’s just right.

Available as a box of 6pcs or 12pcs. 

***These Brownies contain EGGS***