4 Thoughtful & Personalized Mother’s Day Themed Cakes

As a kid, I was always fond of creating and eating desserts. Since the age of 8, I used to help my mother in the kitchen and was her assistant whenever she conducted baking workshops. My love for desserts since then knew no bounds. It was then at the age of 12, when Baking Maniac was born. What started as a blog, has now grown into a life-long passion to serve and produce phenomenal desserts and it simply wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the constant support from my lovely mother.

Mother’s day is around the corner and if you are looking for a way to make it special, then what better way than expressing your love for her than with a cake? Whether you stay with your dear mom or not, you can send cakes on Mother’s day by placing an order on our online shop. Baking Maniac provides some of the best cakes in Hong Kong.

If you are looking for some personalized cakes then check out our top 4 themes -

1) Roses for Mom

Roses for Mom Mothers Day Cake


If you are looking for something different than a decadent chocolate cake then this one is just perfect for you. While there’s nothing wrong with a chocolate cake (We mean, it’s a classic, who doesn’t love it?!) but there are certain times when you want to try and explore something that’s equally fantastic.

Also, if your mom isn’t fond of chocolate then this rustic red velvet might just be the perfect gift for her! Doesn’t like red velvet either? No problem, this heavenly naked cake is available in 42 flavours along with fresh flowers. So, you can customize it the way you want to! Available in two sizes, you can place your order online now.

2) Cupcake Bouquet

Cupcake Bouquet


We all love receiving a bouquet of flowers every now and then but we would die for a cupcake bouquet. It’s such a sweet way of saying ‘I love you’ and whether you admit it or not, it’s extremely adorable. Cupcakes are basically a mini version of cakes and so versatile! There are so many flavours to choose from and not just that, you can experiment with different types of frosting too. What better than to give your mom a bouquet of completely edible cupcakes.

For cupcakes with pink frosting, you can choose any of the following flavours:

  • Kulfi Rose
  • Lemon
  • Lemon Blueberry
  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Pink Lemonade

You can let us know your preferred flavour in the notes section when you check out.

3) Handbag Themed Cake


Handbag Themed Cake

If you want something that’s personal, that speaks about your mom then you can try our custom-styled personalized cakes. We deliver the best cakes in Hong Kong by sourcing the best ingredients from all over the world. A handbag themed cake will definitely win over your mom’s heart. Handbags not really her thing? We can customize whatever it is she is passionate about! Cakes are a great way of celebrating the event and since we are celebrating mother’s day, why not give her something she loves?

4) Mother’s Day Surprise

Mother’s Day Surprise Cake


It’s an amazing gift to give to a mother to be! What a great way to celebrate life and an amazing journey. You can surprise her by giving her this absolutely adorable cake. Some personalised cakes take ten to twenty hours and certain special requests take a little longer. From a naked cake to eight tiered creations, Baking Maniac makes it all, even edible jewellery! (So, if you are planning something extra special, keep in mind that some orders take time) But that’s because we are that good – we make sure every minute detail is looked at carefully to make your celebration as perfect as it can be!

And you know what’s the best part? We cater to everyone and we mean it. If you have any specific dietary requirements, or have allergies or prefer eggless/vegan/gluten-free, we will take care of it. You name it, we will bake it.