“You have an extremely bright future and you are extremely talented in what you do ,you will be very successful because you are passionate,  and you are only 17 :) While many 17s out there are still confused and lack passion.
All best and happy baking !"
- JF

“A huge thank you for the beautiful cupcakes, the presentation is simply fabulous, floored everybody. On my way to joining my friends I stopped to buy some stickers and markers, and we highlighted the box with cartoon bee stickers and our good wishes. Whilst carrying it on the way to a breakfast joint, I was swamped with unprecedented attention. My friends oohs and arrs, ignored me totally and of course, cell phones and photos.... When we left for the anniversary party, there was a bit of a fight as to who could have the "privilege" of carrying the tray....
The box caused a bit of a stir at the party and more photos. I had one from the small box and loved the very moist cake, the icing is a bit sweet for my liking but I ate it all. Yum yum. Initially people probably felt a bit "criminal" to break up the picture perfect tray and were eyeing the tray waiting to be the second one, but before long, most were gone...
My friends were happy that we have presented the cup cakes, which was really much more appropriate for the occasion. Thanks to you.
My nephews were euphoric when they saw the cup cakes and the cakes pops were gone before one blinks.
This has been a most enjoyable experience and so wonderful and heartening to meet someone so young and yet so sophisticated in his work. Your passion is infectious and each piece of cake is evidence to that. Keep that fire burning and would definitely follow your track on the internet.
All the best, have a great summer and happy baking.”
- IT

“Oreo cupcakes were amazing! They vanished in a matter of sconds. Can't wait to try your naked choc cake when I pick it up later this month.
You are like my permanent go to person now...love it and its better than the shops by far!”
- JS

“We are continuously impressed by your sense of creativity, always finding new wonderful ideas, combined with an acute attention to details in the execution.
Just wanted to mention, I am delighted by the amazing quality of your gluten free cakes. I had not eaten an Opera for 10 years, until you surprised me with an Opera gluten free cake.This cake was divine, the flavours of chocolate and coffee perfectly balanced, the overall taste impression being both very strong and refined!
I do hope that more and more people get the opportunity to taste and love your cakes and pastries!”
- CK

“The cake for Nishtha was amazing. Yummy and so wow looking it was a shame to cut into it. I had a couple of vegetarian friends whose eyes lit up when I told them it was eggless and they could eat it! They were too used to birthday parties where they couldn’t eat cake! A lot asked me where it was from so of course, I showed them your facebook page! One of my friends actually is not a cake person at all but she said this was one that she could eat! And my cake making friend also loved it! They loved the moistness and also said it was not overly sweet. I didn’t have a lot left over - just a bit for me, my in-laws and a friend.
But then I saw Ambika's cake today and wow! that was really a masterpiece! (so you can hear that I am a bit jealous?! haha! ;) ) Good thing Roma had lots left over, I took some vanilla part home for my hubby who is not a chocolate person and did not have much of yesterday's cake.
And your cupcakes were also a hit at my daughter's school. Got some messages from the parents about how their kids had an amazing cupcake at school! (the teacher also wrote to say it was yum!)
So thank you for all your hard work and and well utilized talent!
- SD

Hi, the cake was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!! and it looked amazing, everyone commented on it.
The party was great. Have attached a few pics for you to see how great it all looked together.
Best cake I have tasted in ages- sooooooooooooo delicious.
Well done, will definitely order again in the future.
Thank you for doing such an AMAZING job!
- JS

A quick note of thanks for the AMAZING cake. It was admired and commented on by all present!  Not only did it look awesome, it was absolutely delicious!
- IS

Dear Ankrish, I wanted to thank you and your mom for the absolutely BEAUTIFUL and absolutely DELICIOUS birthday cakes for my twins. They were perfect!!! Decorated exactly as my kids wanted and tasted so moist, light and yummy! I can't wait until the next birthday in our family so we can have more! So happy to have met you and your mom and will definitely be back for more! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
- MT

Thank you so much for the lovely cake and cake pops. I can’t tell you how many compliments I got on the look and taste of the cake. I loved it and it was perfectly balanced and not overly sweet or buttery. It was perfect.
Thanks again and look forward to working with you again
- JS

Thank you so much! The cakes not only looked amazing but were absolutely delicious. I managed to grab a vanilla one with the red/yellow/orange swirl before they were all devoured!
The bubblegum flavour frosting blew the children’s minds!
I’ve already had 2 Mums message to find out where I had them made - they didn’t even see the cakes - the children just told them about them! Awesome job!
- SM

I ordered a birthday cake from Baking Maniac. We had a comprehensive discussion on my specifications and what was available and possible. I asked for an elegant classy cake, made from butter sponge and a light textured icing. Instructions were carefully executed.The result was amazingly beautiful and tasted wonderful. All my guests complimented me on the cake. Furthermore nothing was too much trouble for this mother and son team. Professional through and through, everything worked perfectly and they went the extra mile to fix a small problem which arose before the party. I thoroughly recommend this business.
- UC