A quick flashback before we flash forward

Before anything else, Baking Maniac wishes everyone a Happy New Year!

For most people, New Year means a chance to start with a clean slate or form a new habit. So as we begin 2020, we’re starting something exciting. Aside from a revamped website that we really, really love, we’re adding a blog page for our fellow maniacs not only to enjoy, but to keep you guys updated with our latest works.

Making amazing cakes has always been our mission and our passion. As much as we are excited to welcome 2020 with brand new opportunities to create even more out-of-this world edible masterpieces, we’d like to take you with us as we look back to some of our favourite creations last year. Believe us when we say it wasn’t easy to pick 10 out of the hundreds that we’ve made, but we did it. (yayyyy!)

So here’s our TOP 10 cake creations of 2019:

10. Hawaiian Luau

The beauty of this cake is simply undeniable. The bright summery colors, tropical leaves and flowers made this tiered cake come alive. And to top it off, a large coconut (made from rice krispies, YUM!) A cake that transports you to PARADISE!

hawaiian cake with coconut and florals

9. Got game?

Do you know someone who’s a sneaker head? Well, they’re not legit if they haven’t received a shoe cake made by us! This cake was definitely fun to make. These Air Jordan 13 Retro He Got Game were made from rice krispies, coated in rich chocolate and covered with fondant to achieve those fine details. Oh and see that shoe box – that’s cake!!
3D air jordan shoe cake

8. Power & Prosperity

Here’s another tiered cake that we enjoyed making. Why do we love it? 2 reasons. First, because of the charging bull – all edible, hand-sculpted using fondant, sprayed with bronze edible paint. Second, all those writings, details on the buildings, taxis as well as those on the board were all hand-piped using royal icing. And it’s not very often that we get requests for square cakes!

stock exchange NY and HK cake with 3D wall street bull

7. To Greater Heights

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and it just blows our mind that we’ve made this Mont Blanc inspired cake for someone who has actually climbed it! Just a little reminder that inspiration can come from anything/anywhere, even from a cake!

mont blanc mountain climbing cake

6. Oh My Geode

This was our first Geode cake last year, and isn’t she a beaut? All in all, the marble pattern, gold and pink macarons, fresh

flowers, candy crystals and gold details gave this cake a sophisticated and classy look.

geode pink marble cake with macarons, gold and flowers

5. Bolo Bao, Bao, Bao, Babababao, BOLO BAU!

Who would’ve thought that Baby Shark + Pineapple Bun would be an interesting combination? It’s not a design or a concept that you’d see very often (or at all). But hey, it worked! And did you notice the mini bolo bau he’s holding? Sooo cute!!

Bolo Bao Pineapple Bun cake

4. A Toy, or Not a Toy: That is the Question.

If you’re into Japanese manga, then you’re no stranger to One Piece. Known to be the best-selling manga of all time, nearly 500 million copies sold to date! And that guy there is Charlotte Katakuri. You might be wondering what’s so special about a cake with a toy on top of it? Well, that’s NOT A TOY! Charlotte Katakuri was carefully hand-sculpted using fondant, and hand- painted to achieve the details that make his character well- known. Truly an edible masterpiece that’s too good to eat!

One Piece cake

3. Pure Bliss

What’s not to love? Not only does this dreamy cake have these adorable unicorns playing in the clouds, but it also has this rainbow slide that goes around the 10-inch tall cake. The concept was out-of-the-box, that it left us in a state of bliss. And for a moment, life was all about RAINBOWS and UNICORNS!

 unicorn cake with a rainbow slide


2. Slumber Party

Just look at this cake and tell us you don’t think it’s adorable? IMPOSSIBLE, right?! From the pastel color scheme, comfy looking sugar pillows, stars and clouds blanket, to the 12 hand- sculpted, edible, fondant 4-year-old figures, this is by far the BEST sleepover cake we’ve seen (and done) to date!  (If you want to see the behind the scenes, here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCrqXpT9E5w)

sleepover cake 

1. It’s Mario!!!

It’s very fitting that we chose this 4-tiered cake as our top 1 because whenever we look back to 2019, making this cake (from conceptualizing to assembling) was truly the highlight of last year.

Each tier is designed to showcase a arcade/video game. The bottom tier being Plants vs. Zombies was made by hand cutting the characters and hand painting the fine details. The Donkey Kong tier was brought to life with Donkey Kong himself sitting by the edge. As for the Pac-Man tier, it was no joke creating all those lines and dots. And lastly, it wouldn’t be complete without Super Mario popping out of the pipe at the very top. (If you want to see the behind the scenes, here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HldAxSnhOt0&t=6s )

But aside from the amount of time and effort we’ve put into creating this amazing cake, it was also then that we were able to appreciate working together as a team, knowing that we can rely on each other and make sure that we finish this cake without sacrificing the quality. And we think that clearly shows when you look at this masterpiece!

4 tier mario retro gaming cake

There are soooo many more cakes that we consider our favorite. But even though the other cakes didn’t make the cut, we loved making every single one of them. Thank you to everyone who enquired about our cakes, confirmed their orders, and referred us to their family and friends. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love doing the most.

Here’s to making another year even sweeter, one cake at a time! ‘Til our next post! :)