Got A Baking Fever? These 5 Easy Hacks Will Turn You Into A Masterchef!

How many times have you tried some DIY backing hack only to find your cake be a hot mess? We all want to bake birthday cakes for our loved ones but either the ganache splits or icing turns out to be grainy. People tend to compare cooking savoury food with baking. But it’s completely different. You can always mix and match the savoury food with spices that you like; you can even rectify the mistakes. But baking isn’t that forgiving.

As fun as it is, it also demands you to follow the recipes to the T. If you have found yourself baking a lot during the quarantine period then we have got you a treat! Ankrish Gidwani from Baking Maniac is going to share some easy hacks to help you become a MasterChef in the kitchen (at least when it comes to baking!)

By the way, did you know Ankrish started baking since he was 12? He makes the best cakes in Hong Kong and his desserts are created using the finest organic ingredients that are sourced from around the world. So, are you ready for some tricks? Read on!

1. Shape the cupcake right

Shape The Cupcake Right

Isn’t it extremely frustrating to bake a cupcake that’s bit knobbly? Don’t worry, it’s actually pretty common. The baking powder helps the cupcakes to rise high like mountains in the oven. If you like it that way then go ahead with it. But if you are someone who likes to decorate the cupcakes with frosting and other edible accessories then we have a hack!

Get the yummy cupcakes out of the oven and use your oven mitt to press them down lightly. (They have to be super hot) As they are still fresh out of the oven, pressing them down will help in changing the shape. And there you have it - nicely rounded cupcakes! Dress them the way you want to!

2. Keep it cool

Keep It Cool

This hack is for all those bakers whose cakes are super delicious but are facing a hard time with icing. The key is in the temperature! It certainly plays an important role in desserts.

Whether it’s tempering of chocolate or setting an ice-cream, temperature is paramount. Without it, there’s no dessert. So, if you are facing some issues with your icing or it’s getting difficult to decorate your cake, check your room temperature. The chances are that it might be too high.

Whenever you want to decorate a cake, do it in a cool, air-conditioned room. If that’s not possible then try using a cooling rack or you can freeze each layer for some time. It’s easier to decorate cakes when they are cold.

3. Make the cake run

Make The Cake Run

If you have followed the above hack and still you are finding it difficult to frost the cake smoothly then Ankrish has another trick up his sleeve. Put your cake on a turntable and cover it with frosting. How? As you move the table, the cake also moves and you can run your palette knife against the surface. Remove the excess. And voila, you will end up with a perfect cake that’s even and smooth.

4. Semi-Naked cakes are always the best option

Semi Naked Cakes Are Always The Best Option

If you aren’t sure about frosting or don’t have much time decorating the cake but still want it to look like Instagram-worthy? Try making semi-naked cakes. No, you don’t have to strip down your cakes. What we meant that you don’t have to completely cover the cake in icing. Make it messy. You don’t have to make it perfect; decorate it with fresh flowers and there you have it - a cake that’s delicious and beautiful! Check out some amazing semi-naked cakes from our website. Psst, we are taking orders!

5. Cutters to the rescue!

Cutters To The Rescue

Do you want to take your baking skills up a notch? Have been looking at a tiered cake but not sure how to go on? Making a tiered cake is definitely time-consuming. In addition to making different layers of cake, you will have to make the frosting, and add different decorations on it. We have a simple hack for you to save some time! Buy some cookie cutters and then dip them into flour. Press them in the dough. Why? It will reduce the stickiness. They are amazing for cake decorations!

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