Does "less is more" apply to cakes as well?

Ever heard of a naked cake? No, it’s not the kind of cakes that you see in bachelorette parties. We’re keeping this blog post PG-13!

Naked cakes are cakes that are semi-dressed so to speak. These are cakes which have minimal coating or finish that allows you to see the cake’s layers and filling. Most of the time gives off a raw, unfinished and rustic vibe. Although it sounds a bit basic and boring, naked cakes have taken over the spotlight since 2007!

naked or nude cakes for weddings, birthdays

What is its secret to fame? Well, for starters, it’s less complicated to make. If presented side by side to an elaborate fondant cake, it will probably take 1⁄4 of the time to make a naked cake. All you need are your cake layers and frosting of choice. Throw in some berries or flowers and you’ve already created something aesthetically pleasing, perfect for Instagram! :P Here are some of our bestsellers that our clients couldn’t get enough of!

naked carrot cake layered with cream cheese frosting topped with crushed walnuts Naked red velvet cake layered with cream cheese frosting

Naked cake layered with frosting, decorated with fresh flowers and roses  Naked berry cake decorated with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries

Another reason for it’s success, the truth is, not everyone is a fan of fondant? Wait, what’s fondant? To keep it simple, fondant, also known as sugar paste is mostly made from, yes, SUGAR. It’s used to cover cakes, sculpt edible figures and other decorations. And even if it’s 100% edible, it’s not really something you’d want to eat a lot of. Just facts. [We’ll talk about this a bit more in another post ;)] So, if you’re cutting your sugar intake, but still want to sink your teeth into a heavenly cake, then naked cakes are definitely an option.

We mentioned about how it takes less time to make a naked cake compared to fondant cakes. And in almost any industry, Time equates to money. So opting for a naked cake would save you some $$$ especially if you don’t really need an extravagant one. But if you’re worried that it doesn’t have that wow factor you’re looking for, fret not, because Baking Maniac’s got your back! You can always opt for a naked cake with the flavour of your choice and we’ll customize it to your liking!

Got a friend that’s addicted to ketchup, no problem!

chocolate gluten free naked cake with a 3D fondant Heinz Ketchup bottle

Love shoes? We got you!

chocolate naked cake with 3D handmade sports shoe

Photographer? Capture more memories..

Lemon blueberry naked cake with a handmade 3D black DSLR camera

Moving to a different country? Make your goodbye a little sweeter with something like this!

Carrot naked cake layered with cream cheese, topped with a handmade Singapore merlion fondant figure


More of our naked cakes here:

So next time you’re celebrating a birthday or having a gathering of friends, keep in mind that naked cakes are definitely a perfect choice to consider!