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Do you want some class in your cakes? Then look no further to our buttercream cakes! Our online cake shop in Hong Kong offers not only classic flavours such as Rocky Road and Royal Chocolate, which delightfully put you in a chocolate coma, but also other stylish favourites like S’mores, with multi-layers of salted mascarpone cream and cocoa cream embellished with burnt mini marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs. They are surely your go-to birthday bakes in Hong Kong. Let’s browse through our classic collection of buttercream bakery!

Why Are Our Buttercream Cakes & Bakery a Favourite Pick?

Flawless, Velvety-creamy Frosting

We’ve mastered the perfect level of buttercream sweetness to cater to the HK taste palate, resulting in less sweet frosting. Primarily made up of butter and sugar, buttercream is an ideal choice for perfect frosting due to its thick and fluffy consistency upon whisking. Being a popular ingredient for frosting, it not only adds a rich buttery taste but also imparts a flawless, silky creamy texture to our delicious buttercream cakes in Hong Kong. Ever so smooth and luscious, you won’t find a crack or wrinkle in our buttercream cake products.

Delicate Buttercream Cake Decorations

It is the smooth and velvety texture of buttercream that makes it a top dessert decorator amongst cake shops in Hong Kong. Its exceptional frosting stability allows it to be piped into a myriad of defined patterns like ruffles, flowers, pinstripes, beads, and more without losing shape over time. From basic buttercream to Meringue buttercream, the design possibilities are truly infinite and personalised to your own bespoke cake design. Our buttercream cakes are a timeless addition to any occasion, from weddings, birthday parties to baby showers. Shop buttercream cakes in Hong Kong!

A Luxurious Blend of Flavours, Textures and Edible Art

Our buttercream cakes come together in a play of sophisticated flavours, distinct textures, and exquisite designs in Hong Kong. We are armed with the most delectable cakes that deliver on both style and taste, ranging from nostalgic classics such as Rocky Road and Pink Confetti to modern favourites like S'mores and Pistachio! You are sure to find your indulgence in our full spectrum of handcrafted, custom-made buttercream bakery!

Finest Selection of Healthy, Organic Ingredients

Every baking maniac deserves to devour every forkful of cake confections without worrying about the quality of the ingredients. That's why we have handpicked the finest organic ingredients to bring the palatable, elegantly pleasing and personalised buttercream cakes to your party table in Hong Kong. You no longer need to be mindful of harsh chemicals or additives because every confectionary treat you are ordering from us is made fresh and with organic ingredients in Hong Kong. Gluten-free, vegan and eggless options are available in our online cake shop too.

Contact Us

Got a question about our buttercream cakes or customised design in Hong Kong? Drop a message, and we will reply to you promptly. If you already have an idea in mind, you are welcome to contact us at or WhatsAppp +852 66998093. We are glad to personalise the most special cake to make a sparkling moment for you!


Apart From Buttercream Cakes, What Customised Bakery Alternatives Do You Have?

We offer an exquisite selection of naked cakes, cupcakes, tiered cakes, mega cakes, cake pops, and more. If you wish to customise something different, get in touch with us to make your cake dreams come true!

Do You Host Any Birthday Parties For Families?

Yes! We hold a range of birthday cake parties and baking workshops in Hong Kong, including Bake Off Party, Nailed it Party, Themed Birthday Party, Cake Jamming, Macaron Baking and more.

How Can I Order Buttercream Cakes Online?

Simply add the cake products to our online shopping cart and select a date and time that you would like them to be picked up or delivered to your door in Hong Kong. Remember to list any special instructions or messages you would like to include with your order. For customised creations, you can always message us to discuss your cake design first.

Do You Offer Designer Cakes For Corporate Purposes?

Yes. We offer customised corporate cupcakes, anniversary cakes, and other confectionary treats to match and compliment your brand image. We have been providing corporate bakery services to some of the largest, most well-known brand names in Hong Kong. Ranging from Friday snacks, to corporate cupcakes, to team building activities, to Grand openings, to corporate gifting, we have catered to the needs of different companies.

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