Kulfi Rose cake
Kufi Rosę

Kufi Rosę

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This Rose kulfi cake is soft, moist, decadent and so incredibly flavourful. It pulls inspiration and flavours from  two incredible desserts. It's a fashion between the Indian "rose kulfi" and our classic cake recipe.

Consists of soft vanilla cake sponge, layered with a light and flavourful rose and cardamom buttercream, decorated with dried rose petals and gold leaf. 

Available Sizes

6" x 3" - feeds approx 6 - 8 pax

6" x 4" - feeds approx 12 - 15 pax

8" x 3" - feeds approx 20 pax

8" x 4" - feeds approx 25 pax 

*Please note the 3" height option is 2 layers of cake vs 3 layers of cake in the picture